Welcome to Fynch!

About Fynch


Welcome to Fynch, for us financial professionals doing things differently. This online community is our clubhouse to grow together, connect beyond coffee, and merge our work with fun and purpose. Yes, my Fynch, meaningful purpose. Because we don’t only want to grow in our professions here, we want to come together and make our world a better place. (And have some drinks along the way?) 

No matter your role in the financial industry, you’re welcome here. If you’re in the insurance, banking, investment, accounting, legal, or real estate industries, or a part of the companies, vendors, and other professionals that support these industries, you are one of us.  

Some of the main goals we have besides cracking far too many bird puns? 

To grow your clout with colleagues. 

To crowdsource ideas. 

To develop your skill sets and…

To do other awesome corporate-sounding words but in a totally unconventional environment.

See, in our online community, you connect in your own way. You can be a fly on the wall (a Fynch creeper, as we call ‘em) or the most social butterfly in all Fynchland. It’s totally up to you. 

Here’s how we put our best beaks forward. United (birds of a feather, flocking together and all that), our online financial professional community goes into: 

  • The industry topics you can’t Google or talk about anywhere else 

  • Proactive ongoing trainings and resources to grow in your profession 

  • Courses to further your skills and, in turn, career growth 

  • Events for brainstorming, collaborating, and building true, real connections with other professionals in your industry and connected fields (while making plenty of ridiculous jokes and laughing along the way) 

This isn’t another social media platform. 

This isn’t your average networking event at your hotel ballroom or LinkedIn posting.  

The Fynch Online Community is a  focused, central community platform void of distraction and interference. You won’t see annoying sponsored content. There are no behind-the-scenes algorithms designed to divert your attention, monitor your "clicks" or manipulate what you see in the future. 

Here, our focus is on each member of the community, including you. 

We hope, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes (or a rough morning, to say the least), you get to come into our space and: 

Experience exclusive content, meaningful conversations, and connecting opportunities across multiple industry lines.

Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you and your industry.

Swap ideas, experiences, best practices, and resources as you network with other professionals.

We are hosting this for FREE as a way to see our profession grow and rise together, and there’s nothing more we’d love than you to take part in it. Well, that and a Team Parrot to talk on all of our shoulders. 

Are you ready to connect with other financial professionals doing things differently? 

If so, we can't wait to teach you the secret handshake. 

Welcome, Fynch, welcome.